Finland & Blogger Awards

I spent the weekend in Helsinki with Sandra and a bunch of other Scandinavian bloggers. It was really intense but so much fun! We were staying at the Helsinki Hilton Standard, which was right in the harbour and really close to the Helsinki cathedral, so we could go there to take pics with the girls. The first day Sandra did a shoot with Asus, and afterwards the Danish team went for dinner toLie Mi, super cool and hip Thai restaurant. The food there was so good, but afterwards we all crashed as we had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to catch our flight to Helsinki. The next day we went to the "inspiraitonal day" event for bloggers and after that Kira took us to a cool restaurant in a market place in the centre of Helsinki. In the evening we went to the Blogger Inspirational Awards and afterwards for dinner to a cool place that is soon opening called Holiday and then to a club to party. We got to the hotel around 4:30 in the morning so we could only sleep one hour before the flight so I don't need to explain how tired we were haha. But now I am happy to be back in DK and excited for future fun projects! Finland was awesome and everyone was so nice there! Hope to go back soon!

The Hotel- Hilton Helsinki Standard we got a nice double bedroom with a bath ( one of the top things about Helsinki haha I miss my bath back home so much!)

Shoot for ASUS- the team was really nice and the video looks awesome

Lie Mi- the food was great and the company was amazing! I got stir fried noodles with beef! Some of the guys got duck tacos and said they were some of the best they ever had

Cool glass elevators in the hotel- it was hilarious trying to catch a good picture because someone was constantly calling it haha.

The Awards- Blogger babes Fraja, Josefine, Sandra, Isabella and Marie.

Holiday- amazing food with the Finnish bloggers, such nice company everyone was so sweet!