I have been so busy the past few weeks! I am so sad I don't have much time to share all my work now, but this weekend I was at Sankt Peder, in Hellerup to take pictures of danish food for my dad's business partner's restaurant. There was a bunch of typical danish food, which is insanely yummy and I love all of it haha. I think my favourite food is curry herring and parisebΓΈf. Tad is a chef in this restaurant so afterwards I stayed and helped a but with washing dishes, or as they call in the culinary world " I was a dishwasher" haha. It was so much fun seeing how a kitchen works and finally seeing how Tad works every day. Working in a kitchen is so hectic! When going to a restaurant it seems so easy, you order food and it arrives within a few minutes- well it is not as easy as that. I completely understand now that people mess up orders:D!