Copenhagen City Guide

1. Strøget- city center

First on the list is the main shopping street in Copenhagen- Strøget. It goes through the whole city and you can find shops varying from H&M and ZARA to Mulberry and Hermés. There are not that many things to do there and there is usually a lot of people walking around so it is just a think you should go see and then leave haha. You can go to the HAY house to get a view from top or go to Illum Rooftop terrace and watch all the people running around while enjoying a cup of coffee or cocktail.

2. Illum Rooftop Terace

Really nice place in the summer, it just recently opened and it has an amazing atmosphere, With around 10 restaurants it is a very nice location to go and chill on the sun. I will make a separate post about all the restaurants one can find there, but my favourite is RossoPomodoro, which is an amazing pizza place. We go there a lot for events and also drinks- the aperol spritz is so yummy! Also they have really nice mozarelly brought every 2 days from Italy!

3. Nyhavn

Probably the most famous landmark of Copenhagen. A channel with a bunch of colourful little houses. It is amazing in the summer, because you can sit outside and enjoy the view with a coffee or something. There are restaurants in Nyhavn, but they are usually really overpriced, so I don't usually go there. You can find a salad bar called Smag not too far from Nyhavn, where we would buy salad and go eat it by the channel!

4. The Botanical Garden

Another cool place mainly during the summer. The botanical garden is not the largest of them all, but it is a nice place to go for a short walk and admire cool flowers. There is also a really big green house where you can go and look at various palm trees and what not. I really like going here, it is a nice place to chill. Usually there is a coffee chart where you can buy drinks and I think some cakes and then sit on the grass and enjoy! Also the entrance is free!

5. The Views

I am sure there are many more I have not been to, but I can recommend the Round Tower , which is located in the city centre and the Church of Our Saviour in Christianshavn. Personally I am not the biggest fan of heights so I find that the round tower is a lot easier to get up than the church, because you just walk up a winded hallway all the way to the top. In Christianshavn it is more a old tower, where it is just a lot scarier for someone who does not like hights haha. Also at the top of the round tower there is a big space you can walk around, but the chuch has a maybe 1m wide space around the tower.

6. Christianshavn

Awesome place for walking around channels and enjoying the weather. It is also where you can find Christiania. It is also a good idea to take a channel tour from Nyhavn, and then the boat goes through all the channels in Christianshavn so if you don't feel like walking it is a nice way to chill and observe.

7. Klampenborg

A 20 min train ride out of the city, Klampenborg is the closest you can get to nature. There is a park called dyrehaven, which means deer park, where you can really see deer walking around in the nature, and then there is Bakken, an amusement park with free entry, which is nice, because for Tivoli in the city center you have to pay 100DKK to only access the park and then extra for rides. In Dyrehavn you can get a horse drawn carriage and ride around it through the park.

8. Kongens Nytorv

Pretty much the heart of Copenhagen you can find KN at the end of Strøget and by Nyhavn. It is currently under construction so it is not the nicest place to see, but it is slowly getting better. The two things to see there is Magasin du Nord, a shopping center ( on the left) and Hotel d'Angleterre. There is also the national opera.

9. Torvehallerne

Two glass houses filled with food, restaurants, coffee and wine- that is Torvehallerne. I love going there to buy fresh flowers and vegetables. It is half market place and half take-out. In the summer it is filled with people enjoying the sun, drinking, eating, chatting. It is one of the first places I went to when I moved to Copenhagen a few years ago. My favourite restaurant there is Gorm's for Pizza and Ma Poule, where they have the most amazing duck sandwich.

10. Others

You will want to check out: The little mermaid, The Blue Planet (aquarium with insane architecture- picture 3) the opera (picture1) and the Marmorkirken (picture 4) also The Black Diamond- a library in the city centre (picture 2)