Copenhagen Pizza Guide

Here is another guide to Copenhagen. I realised I go out to eat a lot, and I have so many pictures from different places so I would share it with you. Lately so many people have been asking me about cool food spots. One of my favourite meals is of course pizza! When I was younger we would go on family vacations to Italy with my family all the time so I think I can really appreciate a nice pizza! Here are my five top pics. What I really like about Copenhagen is that there are so many different types of pizza- and yes you can say " pizza is pizza" and there are not that many variations, but trust me- Copenhagen will prove you wrong! Here is the evidence:

1. MadEnItaly

As some of you may have seen from my Instagram, I work with Eva, who is the owner of this amazing pizza place. Eva is half danish and half Italian, she was a baker and now she started making pizza. You can find the pizza at Copenhagen Street Food at Papirøen. The pizza is all vegetarian and made with fresh produce of Denmark. As you can see from the pictures, it is no traditional pizza. Flavours like beetroot with gorgonzola and potato with truffles are only of the many amazing combinations you will find in the shop. Eating pizza from Madenitaly is definitelly an interesting experience. The dough is a little different than traditional pizza, but oh so delicous!

2. Mother

This is the first place I went to get food after finding my apartment. It is located in Kødbyen, which is maybe 300m away from where I live. I went there with my dad and his business partner after we signed the papers to buy the apartment, and we were super hungry and wanted some nice wine. My friend from Milan said that this pizza reminds here of pizza they have in their region. I really like that they don't bake everything on top of the pizza. As you can see on the picture, the pizza with ham has freshly cut ham and rucola on it. I especially like the place in the summer, because they open a pizza oven outside and you can sit and eat in the sun.

3. Neighbourhood

Another place really close to my apartment- Neighbourhood. It opened a year and a bit ago. The pizza is not traditional, they use special dough for the crust, which makes it a lot crispier than normal pizza and all of it is organic. The topping of the pizza is also very interesting- I usually get fig with ham and goat cheese. The pizza is really fresh and green. On their website they say the pizza is a "modern interpretation of the classic Italian pizza" and I completely agree!

4. Gorm's

Very similar to pizza you get at Mother, only the crust is a bit more crispy! This Danish pizza chain is in several location around Copenhagen. We usually go to Torvehallerne to eat, because the pizza is a little cheaper as it is served as a buffet. During the summer when there are many people around sometimes the waiting time for the pizza is 45 minutes! But it is really worth it! Just be sure not to bee starving when you get there so that if the waiting time is too long you don't get annoyed.

5. RossoPomodoro

Last but not least- this amazing pizza place opened a few months ago and ever since it has been super busy, because the pizza is amazing. Run by Italians Rosso is really a taste of Italy- they deliver fresh mozzarella every two days, so it might just so happen that you can't get it when you come if they run out. I really like the simple margherita pizza and brushetta with mozzarella. Rosso also does pizza making classes- I participated once with a bunch of bloggers and it was a lot of fun.