Munthe Store Opening

A very pleasant morning with champagne and nice company at the Munthe Store Opening today! Was nice to take a little break from bachelor writing and be at a nice event. The whole thing was perfect- first of all, I really like the new store, it is a bit smaller, but still has the amazing Munthe feel to it. The clothes is just amazing, I love the cool prints and flowy materials. The coolest thing though was a cookie stand from Sweet Valentine, which is an awesome cake store I have been walking past and slurping at for the past three years at Torvehallerne. Everyone could make personalised cookies- I made so many haha. I can't wait to eat one! Tonight Tad and I are having a dinner for our three year anniversary, so I am really excited! With two weeks until the bachelor hand in my group if going up North to Nima's mom's house so that we can spend some quality working time together. It feels so surreal, that in a month I will have a bachelor degree! The day we hand in our project there is a gala for our study programme and it will be so much fun! I am so ready to be done!