Throwback Paris

So it has come to this, I officially have no new photos and my life is boring so I am resorting to throwbacks haha. I have been working all the time and don't really have time to do stuff. However yesterday I went for a cocktail with Rose and Nima. We went to this really cool place called Curfew close to my apartment in Vesterbro, it was really nice to put on some make-up and look like a human, in stead of sitting in front of a computer half dead. But anyway, Curfew is such a nice place to go for a drink, it is avant-garde and super stylish. Nima got a cocktail called Amazonas and the glass was wraped in a banana leaf and had a feather tied to it. I got an "Unfaithful" with gin, cucumber and liquorice. So nice! But yeah, now I am going back to studying- only 12 days to go and then we are done whop!