Three Year Anniversary

Last night Tad and I finally went out to celebrate our 3 year aniversary. We actually had it last week on the 12th but Tad was at work and I was busy bachelor writing so we decided to postpone it a little. We decided to go to Köd Vesterbro. It is a somewhat new place where they only specialise on meat( thus the name- translated means meat). So for once in my life I decided to have a steak in stead of burger- and it was totally worth it! I got a rib eye steak with pepper sauce and Tad has a New York strip with Bernaise. We also shared steak fries, a green salad and mozzarella with cherry tomatoes- so nice! Oh and as a started we had steak tartar, it was so delicious! At Köd they make it with cognac so it tastes really smooth! I need to go back soon to get a meat fix haha! But today I am off to Nima's moms place with my study group to focus 100% on the bachelor project! But there is only a few more days and then we are done and I will have a life again yay!