Maria Nila Stockholm Brunch

Yesterday I went to an amazing brunch at Hotel D'Angleterre. It was an event for Maria Nila, absolutely amazing hair products! It was nice getting out and doing something besides writing haha. But anyway, the products are so cool! I think by now I have the whole product line haha! Not only are the products aesthetically appealing they are also made with a focus on sustainability and environment. Their whole product line have color-protecting and they also have colour refresh products, that you put on your hair after a shower and you can get all kinds of cool colours and then it lasts a few washes! I tried the purple and even though I have dark hair it worked really nice! Now I have a friend over doing mine and the girls' make-up and we are going to our study programme's Galla! I am so excited! Can't wait to wear my new dress and share pics!