Sunny Copenhagen

Last week I had some friends visiting and of course they got the Copenhagen tour! We spent a lovely day in the city centre, went to Torvehallerne and to a channel tour. At Torvehallerne we had Micheladas, which is a Mexican drink with beer and a lot of chilli and Tabasco. I had in in Spain this year when I was visiting Seville with my friends Ida and Nima. The drink is so insanely good! But you can only have one and then your mouth is on fire haha. The weather in Copenhagen has been so nice! It is really warm and the wind is not too bad. I hope it stays like this for the whole summer! We also walked to Illum and went up on the rooftop to check the view- and of course Nyhavn, where we took the boat for the channel tour. On Monday I have my final exam and then I can enjoy Copenhagen to the fullest again! Yay!