Copenhagen Channel Tour

Hey guys! As I mentioned previously- I had some friends over and we took a channel tour from Nyhavn. Tip- take the channel tour from the side of the harbour, not from the very beginning of it, as the prices are a lot cheaper! We were shocked last year, when my boyfriends family was visiting so there was 7 of us, one of the places charges over 100 and the other 40! The channel tour is a really nice way to see Copenhagen, especially if you have small children with you. The boat takes you pretty much everywhere- you see where the Queen lives, the little Mermaid, the Opera and Playhouse, Christianhavn, Christiania... it is really nice! Also I think that the way that the boats go has changed since I was there last! It is definitely a lot longer and you get to see a lot more things. It is really cool! I am personally a bit afraid of boats, or anything that is on the water or in the air haha. So it wasn't the nicest experience. But if I can do it- anyone can! Under you can find the way the boat goes- from my last channel tour this journey was also going around "ERDKEHLGRAVEN". So by the Opera the boat goes right and makes the trip a bit longer! It is really cool! I can totally recommend it.