NOUW Brunch

This morning we had a lovely Brunch with the other bloggers from NOUW. We met at 10 at a really cozy cafe in the city centre- called Cousins. The cafe is also an interior store, where you can buy super cool vintage furniture and interior decorations. I met up a bit later with @annelinneaholm to prepare everything.

The event was so much fun! It was cool to finally see everyone and meet the people we only know "virtually" haha. We got a awesome brunch and really cute coffee. There was so much food! But everything was so good! It is great that everyone came to the brunch- even the girls from Jutland made it! I am really happy to be a part of the NOUW team! Everyone is so nice! Today there was 12 of us and I hope that eventually I will meet all the other people from NOUW Denmark! After the brunch a few of us went to a really nice Natural Siberica event and got to try their ( really nice smelling) products. Afterwards I went to Impression PR with @jennifergeertsen and @bloggeronheels. And I ended the day at an Eva Solo event at RossoPomodoro- yep, I have been spending a lot of time at Rosso haha! But now I am finally home and super tired, so I will watch football and go to bed hehe.