Eva Solo at Illum Rooftop

As I mentioned before, yesterday was a super busy day. Started of with a brunch with everyone at NOUW and then it was going around events. Eva Solo had an event at the Illum Rooftop at RossoPomodoro. They have new bottles, where you have a spike in the middle and you can put lemon or strawberries or any other fruit on the spike and it is easier to clean and pour water. I really like it! Actually all of Eva Solo stuff I have at home is amazing. I have some pots and pans and water jars and glass tea pot. I use the tea pot all the time in the winter when it is cold and the product is amazing, because it is dressed in a black cover, which stops heat from escaping! I really like their products, they have a kind of clean feel to them- they look classy and modern. Yesterday we were having pizza and using Eva Trio plates and cutlery while drinking from Eva Solo glasses- those are also cool, because the top of the glass is cut out so it is easier to drink from it.