Summer Plans- Road trip

So I finally have my summer plans all sorted- well, at least for July! My paretns are coming for my graduation on the 30th of June and then we are leaving Copenhagen for a big road-trip through Northern Europe. We will start in Germany and go through Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. I am so excited for it, as I have never really travelled this part of Europe. It will be my first time in Amsterdam. Also on the 10th of July, for the EURO 2016 finals we will be in France- that will be so much fun! After this trip we are going to the Czech Republic, where I will stay for two or three weeks. It will be the first time I visit home in the summer since I moved to Copenhagen three years ago. It will be fun seeing my friends and having so much time to hang out. I might also have some trips while I am there- Vienna or Italy maybe. Can't wait. It is after all my second to last summer holiday in my life!