Beauty Products you want to Eat!

On Monday @amandabugge took a few of us from NOUW to a lovely spa opening at the Natura Siberica store. I didn't know the brand prior to this- but I am totally obsessed now haha. The cosmetic products smell insanely good, are totally natural and have cute packaging. There was this one raspberry body scrub, which I swear looks like jam and smells like jam! I think if I gave it to someone as a gift they would think they can eat is haha. We got to take a few products to test at home- so I took some scrub, body butter and showe gel- they are actually amazing! I really like the philosophy behind the brand. The brand is originally from Siberia, which is a region in Russia. The conditions in that region are really tough and the plants there have to assimilate to harsh conditions and weather changes. So the plants synthesise protective active substances and posses strong anti-oxidant properties. Natura Siberica uses this and transmits the power from the plants into their products. The creators of the products are constantly conducting research and expeditions to uncover new ingredients for their skincare cosmetic products. So cool! I really recommend you check it out. Oh and the cool thing is, that all the products are insanely affordable- ranging from 50-150DKK. The shop also has a small spa where you can get a facial scrub. Love it!