Maria Nila Stockholm

Ever since I started blogging I have been learning a lot about beauty products, creams, make-up, hair products.. It has been very educational haha. One of the brands I found out about is Maria Nila. I went to a brunch some time ago at Hotel d'Angleterre for Maria Nila ( read HERE). Now, I was familiar with the brand image, I have seen it around on Instagram, however I never tried it for myself. The girls at ImpressionPR now represent the brand and gave me a bunch of products to test. I have always had hair, that gets really soft and doesn't hold volume, so I really wanted to find a product, that would help me with that. And Maria Nila actually work so well with my hair! I use their volume and styling mousse almost every day and it does miracles! My hair has volume, stays in a nice shape and feels very nice. A lot of my friends have tried out the products when we were at mine getting ready for our Gala and all of them love it!

Some of the products are used on wet hair and then you blow dry it and some are used for retouching after your hair is dry. The mousse I use is for wet hair, and I was really happy to see that when I dried my hair it wasn't sticky( some products that you put in before blowdrying just make your hair sticky and oily haha). And the hair spray is amazing, because it holds your hair really well, but doesn't look like you have any on! I can really recomend all of it. Not only do the products smell nice, but they are also vegan and insanely photogenic!