My Suicidal Cat

Last week our small cat Minii fell out of the window! Thankfully we live on the first floor, which is only about 5m above the ground, so she was ok, but I was really scared something would be wrong with her so I took her to our vet. 

In the past month we noticed that Minii jumps up on our window ( we have the Danish type, one big window in the bottom and a small one on top). With Toastie, we had to watch out not to have any windows open, because he would sit on the edge and he also fell down once when he was a kitten, luckily he fell into a bike basket and was totally ok. And he never tried to jump into the small window on top so we could keep those open. But Minii really likes climbing so jumps on it... We were having a BBQ some time ago and suddenly we saw Minii on the window outside holding on to it. We freaked out and I ran up to save her but she very skilfully jumped down into the room... However last week, she got closed in the kitchen, which is now the only place we leave the window open during the night. And since she was there for a few hours during the evening she tried to climb on the window and probably fell. We found her in the courtyard in the morning hiding behind a bicycle.

I expected to get to the vet and her thinking I am a total idiot, who doesn't watch her cat and lets her fall our of a windows, but she said that it happens really often. Also that we were lucky, because usually when a cat falls from a "small" hight like what happened now the cat will fall on her mounth and usually break her jaw- so we were really really lucky! We got some painkillers for her and now she is totally ok.

IF YOU HAVE A CAT IN AN APARTMENT: There are a lot of things you can do, to prevent your cat from falling. It is possible to buy windows with a strong net so you can have the windows totally open during the summer. Also there are safety stoppers, that will keep the window open, only so much that the cat can't get out. I think we will go for the net solution, because it is nice to have fresh air in the apartment. Either way, it is best to try to prevent anything from happening- I honestly didn't think that Minii would do this, but now I know better..