Bento Vesterbro// Best Japanese Food in Copenhagen

If you like Japanese food, Bento is the place to go. Helgolandsgade 13, in Vesterbro is definitely a place to visit! Bento is a small family Japanese restaurant, where you get amazing food and really nice service. Fortunately it is right under my apartment, so we go there quite often for their lunch menu. I can really recommend that! We were there a few times in the evening, but it is a lot more expensive than during lunch- somewhere around 150-300 DKK for a dinner menu. Now, lunch you get for 95DKK and there is plenty of food! They have three different lunch sets- a dumpling menu, noodle menu and rice with pork menu. I like the one with pork and rice the best, you get 3 gyoza dumpling, noodle soup and rice with curry pork. It is so delicious! Mostly the portions are too big so it is hard to finish all of it haha. But so so so good! Also the interior is really cozy and in the evening they have amazing cocktails. During the day the place is quite empty so it is not hard to get a table, but in the evening it is good to reserve a spot!