Editing Tips: Pink Sky

Hey guys! I have been looking at other blogs and pictures and I was thinking- how the hell do people take pictures like this? Well, they don't, most of the amazing results are obtained through post-production. So I decided to try to make a pink sunset. I am personally not a pro in editing, but I like challenging myself and trying a bunch of different things and seeing what happens. So I want to give you a little tip of how to edit a photo of a sunset so that there is pink light! I tried it today with a photo I found online. Here is the result:

Here are the steps:

1. Open photo in Lightroom and edit brightness/contrast to get some "life" in the picture. You can also edit highlight and shadows- just see what you like!

2. Use Gradient tool: and you will have to drag from top down and a dot will appear like you see on the picture below. I did it so that the whole sky is covered all the way to the water

3. Play around with the gradient settings. As you can see I put the temperature all the way up and made the tint pink. Also on the second picture I selected the pink colour, which makes the picture more colourful!

4. Make the whole picture pink and color it out so it is consistent- just say " done" to editing the gradient and then you will start working on the whole picture like you would normally do in Lightroom. If you have any questions just write to me :)! Good luck!