Dinner Idea: Chicken Skewer

Hola! My time in Copenhagen is slowly coming to an end- well at least for a month now! Will be back mid- August. But my parents are coming on Wednesday for my graduation ceremony and on Sunday we are leaving for our road-trip. You can see where we are traveling HERE. I am super excited and I got a new GoPro for the trip so I can make videos! I just need to learn how to edit them haha! Thank got it is summer and I will have a lot of time to do that.

Last night Tad and I were watching the EURO game Hungary vs. Belgium and we wanted to make something for dinner, but something that we haven't done before. I had some leftover chicken in the fridge and a bunch of other things so we decided to make a chicken skewer. It is a really good dish if you have a bunch of stuff that you would normally just throw out because there is not enough to make a full dish or it is slowly expiring.

The one we made had: chicken, red onion, mushrooms, dried plumbs and bacon. We just put all of it on a stick and put it in the oven to bake for 20 minutes. We wanted it to be crispy and not soggy from all the bacon juice, so we put it so the top of the stick is raised and the skewers don't touch the oil. If you do this, make sure to put some butter under it so nothing sticks to the pan floor. It is a really good quick dinner idea! And you can put anything on it! And don't forget to season everything. We used chicken spices for the chicken and salt and dried garlic for the rest! Bon Appétit.