Graduation Day

Hola! So we finally had our graduation ceremony and we are officially bachelor graduates. It took three years but we are done now whop! It was a kinda amusing ceremony, it wasn't very well prepared, because one of the teachers that was supposed to be there was at Roskilde Festival :D! Hilarious haha. But it was nice, meeting all the parents of my friends. Afterwards we went to RossoPomodoro for a nice dinner with Ida and her family, Nima, my brother and my parents. We had some delicious food and afterwards there was a party for our class, so we all met up and went to Francis Pony, which is a really cool cocktail bar in the Copenhagen city centre. One of the reasons we go there is because they have happy hour until midnight, so you get two cocktails for 100DKK- and that is not a bad price! I ended up going home a bit earlier than everyone else, so tired- but at least I have some time to edit pictures.

A few days ago I got a GoPro HERO 4 Silver camera. I tried taking it with me to dinner and only used it to take pictures. I think it is cool, because it has a really really wide angle, which my camera unfortunately doesn't. The only thing is that the pictures are not as good quality as I would like, the speed of taking the picture is low, so I need to change the settings so it is more sharp, but it will take time to get used to it I guess! But it is very handy, because it is a tiny box that fits in my small bag!