Road Trip: Day 1- Hamburg

Hey guys!!! So today we finally left for our 13 day road trip thought northern Europe! My parents and I left at 9 this morning from Copenhagen and drove down to a ferry, which we took to Germany. Afterwards we drove to Hamburg and spent a few hours there. I am really happy about that, because I have never visited Hamburg before! It has been on my to-go list for some years now, but since it is so close to Copenhagen we always ended up going somewhere else instead haha. But today finally! I saw the amazing city!

My mom found this really cool lunch place called Dean & David, where we had some yummy salad and curry with rice! Afterwards we walked around the city, did some shopping- I finally got new bowls, which I will take to Copenhagen with me. I have been searching for cute bowls for some time now, I wanted them to be unique and a bit colourful and I found the perfect ones in a Japanese store. 

We also went to see the Hamburg opera, which is an absolutely insane building- it has a music scene, apartments and a hotel in a huge complex. I think it looks kinda cool! It is definitely something different.I had my GoPro with me the whole day, so I will try to cut up some clips and share a video soon! I am really working on my video editing skills haha. So far not so good. I guess neither are my video making skills :D! But I will get there. 

Now I am sitting on the back seat of our car, and we are driving to Bremen, which is also a German city. We will spend tomorrow there and leave on Monday morning to Amsterdam! Tonight we are going to watch the game of Germany vs. Italy. I am cheering for Germany! I really hope they win, because it would be sad