Matcha Bar Copenhagen// Vlog #2

Hey guys! Today we spent an awesome day in Bremen, Germany. The city is absolutely stunning and cute- like a small fairytale town. The only downside- we couldn't find any good food. Partly because it is Sunday( and in Germany everything is closed on Sundays) we found only really bad restaurants. So I am feeling a bit sick now haha. At this point I am really missing Copenhagen and all the nice places we go there- one of them the Matcha Bar. I was there a few days ago with my GoPro and tried to make another video- I am really working on videos now. I am determined to learn to make them properly. Need to make some video editing friends haha. But yeah, I could really have some matcha now! Tomorrow we are going to Amsterdam, so I hope the food situation will get better. I really need some good coffee now. Oh and again- if you watch the video make sure to turn on the highest quality!:)