Bremen, Germany- Road Trip day 2

Once againI am writing from the car. Today we left Bremen in Germany and are heading tothe Netherlands and Amsterdam. On the way we stopped in Giethoorn, to check out“ The village without roads”- super cool place will share pics tomorrow! Now we are on the road again, arriving inAmsterdam soon-ish.

Anyway, here are some pictures from yesterday in Bremen.The city is really nice, but it is really really hard to find good food there.I think McDonalds and Subway would be the safest to have haha. One of the reasons we are really excited about Amsterdam is also party due to the fact that it is a bigcity, where it is possible to find good food. And coffee of course! Also Ithink that Bremen is maybe a bit rough, there were signs, which prohibitedcarrying weapons and knives and some parts of the city are kept undersurveillance with cameras. Hmm, a bit strange when I think about it.Nonetheless as you can see from the pictures, the city is really cute andtotally worth visiting- just be careful and pack a lunch!