Amsterdam- I am in love

Hola! Another day has passed, so many amazing experiences have been gained. Today we walked through (what feels like) all of Amsterdam. We left the hotel at 9am and got home around 7pm! It was crazy, but so nice! We walked in the 9th district- which is a super cozy place with a lot of cute houses and small streets. This place is full of small shops and cafes- we did some shopping and had a really nice breakfast in one of the coffee places. We also walked to a shopping street close to the Van Gough museum - it is really fun- all of Amsterdam has huge sales! For lunch we went to the Seafood Bar again, since it was so good last night! And we ended the day in Bocca cafΓ©. It is a quite Scandinavian cafΓ©, with a lot of space and perfect latte art! Oh and the cyclists in this city are absolutely insane! I mean I am pretty used to bikes in Copenhagen, but in Amsterdam I feel like there are no rules and people just do whatever they want haha. But yeah- will relax now and prepare for another exciting day tomorrow!