Road Trip Day 5: Dutch Country Side

Bonjour everyone! I am writing from Amsterdam one last time. Tomorrow morning we are continuing our journey to Rotterdam and Hague. Today we spent half the day in the "Dutch Country-Side" in Zaanse Schans. It is a small village with a lot of wind mills. The village is located on two sides of a river- one of them is very touristy, that is the part with all the wind mills and tacky museums. At the last wind mill we took a boat to the other side, it only cost 1 Euro- really cheap! And then we walked through the actual village, where people live and it was so pretty! We were amazed at how cute the houses were and all the beautiful flowers everywhere. Also we managed to find a nice restaurant/brewery called the Hoop. It was really surprising to find something so modern and fresh in a old Dutch village haha. I got half a chicken- which I split with my dad. And it was probably the best roasted chicken I have had in a really really long time! So if by any chance you are ever in Zaanse Schans be sure to go there for lunch or dinner! You can also have some beer and the sweet waiters will recommend what to pair together. The brews are brewed right next to the restaurant.

In the afternoon we drove back to Amsterdam, walked around and had some dinner at Slå- really cool salad place. Now I am packing my bags and getting ready to spend some time in a car again tomorrow! I am also watching the Euro game now- I am super excited for France vs. Germany tomorrow! Hope everyone has a nice evening! Hugs, M.