Rotterdam Day- Road-trip day 7

Last day in the Netherlands! I will miss it here- even though the country is tiny, it is beautiful and very interesting. We have seen quite a few cities here and I must say the diversity is stunning. Amsterdam- a bit hectic and dirty, but also hip and artsy, Hague- very proper and clean( a bit boring) but super into design and art galleries, Rotterdam- modern and huge, it felt like being in the states in Chicago or something.. Then there were the little villages we visited, all of them charming and cute- I am very pleasantly surprised by how beautiful this country is!

Today I am sharing some pictures from the day we spent in Rotterdam. We visited the Market Hall, which is a new building with apartments and a huge food market- i bought a lot of cheese to take home ( some of the flavours are insane- I mean lavender gouda? But so good). We also had lunch at Jamie's Italian restaurant and went to check out the cube apartments and the old harbour. I really like the city! It is so fresh haha. Tomorrow we are off to Belgium! Just for one day though, then France and in a week I will be back home in the Czech Republic! Can't wait to see my friends!