A few hours in Luxembourg

Bonjour! Now I am writing from Nancy, France. We arrived a few hours ago and had a nice dinner before watching the big game tonight! I really hope France wins! We spent a few hours in Luxembourg today. My mom planned the trip so that we would pass through the city and check it out for a few hours- I actually think that 3 or 4 hours are quite enough to explore the place! We walked around and went to Ladurée for some coffee and cake. I actually don't really eat cake, but my mom is addicted ( she has like 3 a day) so we need to make pit stops a lot haha. She got a cake called la délice- it was a creamy, buttery wild strawberry type of thing- apparently very nice! Now I am getting ready to watch the game and I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! We were in the car for a few hours, so I took a pill so I don't get sick, but it made me super tired and I was passing out all day haha. Not nice. Allez les Bleus! Go France! Talk soon!