The Hague, Netherlands ( part 2)

As promised- I am sharing some snaps from Hague. Just a bit of information about this amazing city- even though all the major political and juridical departments are in Hague, it is not the capital city ( a bit confusing) but I get it, the place is kinda boring- Amsterdam has a bit more " big city feel" to it. The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government and parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Council of State. You can tell that there is some serious money in this place- the art galleries, cars, shops are very luxorious! Also the whole city is very neat and clean. It was a bit shocking walking down the street here compared to what we experienced in Amsterdam. We left the hotel and were so confused that noone is bumping into us and that the bikes and cars actually stop for you and don't run over you haha. But anyway, here are some pics from this city- I will write a description to each of them so you know what they are- we did and saw so many things it is hard to generalise haha.

This is from a super cute café/juice/toastie/salad place we found on our way into the city. I can't remember the name, but it is by the "Grote Kerk Den Haag".

I really miss my cats, so I have been making a lot of cat friends on my trip. Thankfully the Netherlands have cats everywhere so it was quite easy.

Some pics from the city centre- really cute architecture

This is from a gallery called the Mauritshuis. If you are in Hague be sure to go!

The art inside the gallery. I am especially excited I got to see "The Girl With a Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer. I have loved this painting for a few years now. I love the colours and the lights- pretty much everything about it.

This is from a part we walked through- there was a flee market and some cool modern art everywhere. I will share that in a vlog I am preparing:)

The International Court of Justice- really pretty place and there is a peace flame there, where every country in the world contributes one rock or stone and they made a circle out of it. Really nice idea!

The beach! I think it took us maybe 45 minutes to walk there, but it was so worth it! The sunset was beautiful!