Last Stop- Strasbourg, France

So today is the last day of our trip. Tomorrow we are heading back to the Czech Republic, where I will stay for some weeks. I woke up really early today, and the weather is super sunny. That is interesting, since it was supposed to be raining all day. I will see how that ends up. Yesterday we walked around the city a little and had a nice lunch. Strasbourg is a bit funny, because it looks French but also German so I feel like I am in Germany rather than France! Today we will check out some museums and walk a bit more. In the evening I need to pack everything and get ready for tomorrow. I am quite excited to be home. I plan on working out a lot and going to bikram yoga. I haven't done Bikram in probably 2 years now. I used to do it all the time when I still lived in Czech, but in Copenhagen first of all it was insanely expensive and secondly I did not live close to it, so it took maybe 4- 5 hours of my day in total, going to classes, and I did not have that much time. With all the school work and having friends and a blog it was not possible to combine all of that so I chose to go to a gym instead. Ok I am off to breakfast now. Talk later!