On The road// Some drivers are as**oles

So today is a driving day! We left Strasbourg in the morning and we are on the highway going through Germany. I spend a lot of time listening to music and looking out the window- and I have to say/ from observing other drivers/ some people are fu**ing idiots. I see drivers going in high speeds while checking their phone, having a piece of paper on the wheel and reading! I mean WTF are people thinking! In Germany there is no speed limit on the highway, so there are cars going as fast as 220km/h and it is really important to be very well aware of your surroundings. And to think that some people are multitasking in such high speeds. They are so damn stupid. Seriously, don't be an idiot and be safe when you drive! You only need to crash once. And on this trip we have seen a lot of car accidents. A few days ago there was a car on fire on the road with huge huge flames. Today 6 cars were bumped into each other... I mean people need to watch out when they drive and be more careful!