What a lovely day! The weather is finally nice and sunny- and warm! This morning I went to get a massage/ my back has been so sore since the bachelor thesis... I always get a massage when I am home, we have this amazing lady that does health massages that hurt like hell, but afterwards make you feel like in heaven haha. So I feel a lot better now! Afterwards I picked up my best friend Elizabeth and her boyfriend Jan and we went to get coffee and cake to this super cozy place called Siroko. I had two cappuccinos πŸ™ˆ serious caffeine shock haha. Afterwards we headed over to check out some glasses for Elizabeth. She went to the same place where I got mine and choose a really cute pair. Now I will go to my grandmas, who will teach me how to bake one cake and then I might go out for a bit into the city tonight! Hope everyone is enjoying their day! Love from Czech Republic!