Summer Cake + Recipe

Good morning! Today is an exciting day- I am going to Tad's grandpa for lunch and then we are having some friends over at Tad's summer house for a little BBQ and party. Yesterday I baked a cake- very simple, sponge cake with a creamy cover. I also picked small fruit from the garden to decorate it with. I really like this type of cake- it is very summery! Usually I prefer white cake in the summer and chocolate or a bit heavier in the winter. But then again, I don't really eat that much cake I only make it haha! I think this one turned out really nice! I put a layer of our raspberries between the two parts so it had a bit more interesting taste. But anyway here is the recipe:


- 225g flour

- 225g butter, at room temperature

- 225g sugar

- 4 eggs

-2 teaspoons baking powder

For cream:

- 500g mascarpone

- 1 box of whip cream

- vanilla sugar

- berries to decorate

Step 1:

Preheat over to 180 degrees C. Take all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix it together with an electric whisk. You can also separate the egg whites and whisk them into merangue and then mix the rest in/ but it depends how you feel haha. It is possible to do both. Otherwise find a "sponge cake" recipe in your country, where you can see what ingredients are used there, since the flour and things are different everywhere.

Step 2:

Pour the mix into 2 non-stick 18cm tins. If you have larger tins, then add more batter. Just be sure to add more of everything! Then make the cake for 20-25 minutes until it is golden brown. I use a wooden stick ( really thin one- don't know the name in english) to check if the middle of the cake is fully baked. It is always a good idea to do that. After you take it out, set the cake aside and wait for it to cool off completely.

Step 3:

Whip the cream in a bowl and then add mascarpone and vanilla sugar. You can mix all of it together with an electric whisk to make sure the texture is nice and smooth. Then layer it on the cake- like I explained in the last recipe for chocolate cake HERE. Then decorate the top with berries and let cool in the fridge.