Life in The Czech Republic

Ahoj! I have been spending a lot of time camera-free/ it is a bit strange but nice! A lot of time to relax and chill and do NOTHING! I am from a town on the South of the Czech Republic called Ceske Budejovice. 100.000 people, small and calm place. Perfect to spend a few weeks while relaxing and hanging out with friends. In the past few days I spent some time in the city, getting coffee- doing some shopping. Yesterday we went to Tad's summer house with some friends, we spent some time on the "beach" by a lake and then we had a BBQ and a small party! Today I came home and Tad's little siblings came to visit us, so we played ping-pong and did some carrot picking on the garden. It is quite normal for people to have vegetable gardens in the Czech Republic. My grandma, who lives right next to us has one with all types of veggies and fruits- tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, strawberries, blueberries... I mean I could keep going on haha! So we got some things from the garden and made a nice dinner. Really chill days! So nice! Oh and I started drinking a lot of cucumber mint water- it is so tasty and healthy! Tomorrow my grandma will teach me how to bake a typical Czech Easter cake and I am going to the dentist... I am not very excited about the later! Also I have been power walking a lot! Today I went out a bit later and the sky was so beautiful! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!