Photoshoot Morning

Hola! It's only 3 o'clock and I have already done so many things! In the morning I went to see a friend to discuss my diet- I have been having some stomach problems and I need to fix it! So I got some tips on what to eat and what not to eat so that I feel good. Then I went for a walk- a bit shorter than usual- 6km ( I normally try to do 9km/day) so I might go out and walk some more later. I really found that walking helps me feel better- it is not as intense and going for a run, but getting fresh air and some exercise is great! And then my friend Martin came over and we took pictures of his concrete products. He started an amazing project, making concrete plant pots. I love the colour and minimalistic design he is doing! And I am super excited for him to launch a new website and everything! So cool! For now he is only doing small ones, but he is planing on expanding and making big pots as well- it is a really nice accessory for apartments! I need to figure out how to take some of them home to Copenhagen haha. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!!