Life right now

Hey guys! I have been a bit inactive now! I have been spending some time at my grandparents summerhouse with my cousins! We go mushroom picking and watch movies haha. Yesterday we went horseback riding at my friends Marie's ranch. It was nice to be doing that again! I used to ride quite a bit when I was younger and I was really good! But now I haven't sat on a horse for maybe 6 years! I need to do something about that and find a place in Copenhagen for riding horses. And in the evening my brother had his 18th bday party with his really good friend Peter. It is funny to see them all grown up! I mean I have known Peter for maybe 7 years now! Crazy! But yeah fun days! Tonight we will have a small get together with more people from the family and some friends at the summer house! I have to enjoy my last week in the Czech Republic!