Hey everyone! I have been enjoying some time without my computer and pretty much also without my phone at my grandparents summer house. I was staying there all of last week and left on Sunday. My cousins and some friends were also there so we spent the days playing volleyball, ping-pong, going for walks and playing board-games. It was so much fun, but I didn't have any time for taking pictures.

Yesterday I drove to Prague with my dad to take some pictures of our beer- Praga. Afterwards I met up with my cousins and we all went to Parlor, which is a small cookie & ice-cream sandwich place in Prague. So cute- and so good! However now I am insanely tired. My mom picked me up from Prague and we drove to a castle and went for a walk- 9km. I just got home, had a bath, edited pictures and will probably go to sleep now haha. Only 3 more days and I am back in Copenhagen. I have to enjoy my time here now!