Back in Copenhagen

Yay I am home! I had to get up at 3 am yesterday to drive to Prague and catch my 7am flight- note to self- do not buy early flights when in the Czech Republic. I always forget it takes 2 hours to get to the airport! In Copenhagen it takes me 10 minutes haha. So yeah, I was a bit tired but I unpacked everything and then cleaned the apartment. In the evening I met up with Rose for a dinner at Lele. I didn't bring my camera- because I was exhausted and didn't want to carry it around. But the food was really tasty and pretty! And afterwards we stopped by the ImpressionPR 2 year anniversary party at Arch. Very eventful day. Today I am going to take pictures with Rose for one brand and then I will do some sightseeing with two of my friends who are visiting me. I had a nice breakfast today with some fruit and my new cups from Royal Copenhagen, which I got for graduation yay! It feels so good to be home!