Exploring Copenhagen

Hey guys! Here are some pictures from yesterday- I took my friends Alice and Radim around Copenhagen. We went to Hellerup to get some food, walked to the little mermaid ( half way it started raining and we had to take an uber) and we went to do some shopping and then ended the day at Copenhagen Street food. Super cozy! The weather is crazy though! It is sunny and hot for an hour, than it starts pouring and this goes on and on all day! So today will be a working day for me. I have a bunch of things that have been piling up in the month when I was kinda off-line. And also fashion week is starting and more work with that, so I need to finish everything now! And I also need to get some good sleep- I have been feeling so tired lately! Haha so many things... Well I am off! Have a nice day everyone!