Tip: Amazing Brunch Spot in Copenhagen

I think by now brunch is a pretty established concept and "activity". It is also something people insanely enjoy. But you know sometimes, you get a lunch plate and really only want some of the things on it? Well, there is a solution to your problem. Cafés have started making a new concept- choose your own brunch plate. The way it works is that you choose 3,5 or 7 small bowls, from a pre-prepared menu. It is so nice because you only get the amount you feel like and only the things you like. For me personally, I don't really eat sweet things for breakfast, so I would go for avocado, bacon, eggs, sausages- however I would never order yoghurt or pastry. And since Tad is the complete opposite- it is hard to find a place to cater to our needs.

The past few months we have been exploring the brunch scene in Copenhagen. One place has become our favourite one. That is for two reasons- it has the " bowl" menu and it is not as well known as other similar places, so you can actually eat right away without having to wait for an hour. And the place is called Cafe Tænk. It has two locations in Copenhagen- in Vesterbro and Nørrebro. We live maybe 10 min away from the one in Vesterbro so we go there. I can totally recommend the place- the food is always good and the people working there are so nice! We went there yesterday with our friends before they left to go back home. It was so yummy! We got a bunch of things and I think we managed to try everything on the menu haha. Hope you enjoy the pics- the food tasted even better than it looks haha!