Good morning! I am honestly getting tired of the weather! It has been so gloomy! And cold.. I don't really feel like doing anything- which is kinda annoying since there is still nearly 3 weeks left until school starts! I can't believe how bad it is haha... But can't let that stop me from anything! I actually had a fun day with Natalie, we went to the Matcha Bar. Seriously though, I am obsessed with that place! And the fact that I live pretty much above the place is a bit tough, because I go there too much but not enough ( if you know what I mean). The vanilla cashew matcha latte is heaven! Then we went to shoot some pictures and got sushi at Sushilovers in Torvehallerne. We got a gourmet menu for two- so much food, but we managed! I think today I will just chill and watch the Olympics with Tad- he is finally of work so we can spend some time together.