You need this app! And stop wasting food!

Everyone needs to download TOO GOOD TO GO right now! It is a genius app, that lets restaurants and bakeries sell the food that would normally be thrown out! You can purchase something through the app and then go pick it up! I saw it the other day on Facebook and tried it today when Tad and I got like 20 different pastries and a huge loaf of bread from a bakery for 30DKK! When I got home I put some of it into the freezer so that during the week I can unfreeze just the amount that we will eat so that we don't waste anything! I am so excited about it! Seriously guys, support this amazing concept. I am so happy that something like this exists now. Oh and you can also get food from restaurants, for example you can go to a buffet and pick whatever you want and take it home. Super, super cool! Check it out!