Life through my phone

Hey guys! Here are some pictures from exploring Copenhagen with my friends! Unfortunately they left now to go back home, but we had a really nice time! The weather was amazing so we could spend a lot of time outside and we walked around all of Copenhagen! So much fun! We went to get coffee at original coffee on top of illum to enjoy the beautiful view from top! We also went to kødbyen and Copenhagen street food for dinner. Now it is time to get back to reality and start getting ready for school again. We actually walked to CBS for a small tour, so I am back in school mode- kinda haha. Oh and of course the weather is horrible again! So I guess that will motivate me for school! Probably not the worse- I need to get back into it! Also on Wednesday Tad and I are going to IKEA for some final changes- new bed and new fridge yay! The apartment is starting to look good 😏