Back to School

Hey guys! So school started again- exciting! Besides the fact that I always have class at 8am! I am really happy that I have a schedule to follow now again! Last night we had a small party at our place for everyone in our new class. We got to meet a bunch of new people! The master programme I am in now is called International Business and Politics, and it is available both for Sociology and IBP bachelor students, so maybe 90% of the class is people from those two programmes- I think maybe 30 or more people from my previous class are going to the same programme so it is really nice to know people!

Tad and I are in the middle of redecorating our apartment, we are getting new furniture and a new fridge. Also Tad's friend is coming on Monday and we will pain the apartment- I can't wait for it to be totally white again! Since we have had so much going on in the apartment for the past three years the walls are kinda dirty and have a lot of stains on them, so it will be nice for them to be crips white again! And I also got new chairs the other day, they will arrive soon! Oh and also new frames for all the posters I haven't had time to put up- omg just writing about this makes me excited! The apartment will look so good! Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

P.S. these pictures are from my collaboration with Eva Solo- hope you like them!:)