Chill Weekend

Hola! I am enjoying a nice and chill weekend- with the cats haha! This morning I went to Humac to get a new iPad- my old one was stolen when our apartment was broken in. I got an iPad mini 2, because I only need it for school and reading texts and I mean it was so cheap! I was looking at all the other ones as well, I really like the pro, the bigger one! But I am saving up for a new camera so no fancy tech for me haha! I am uploading all my school stuff on it now- so exciting! I think buying new Apple products is one of my favorite activities, I love opening the new boxes and setting up the device!

So now my plan is to read and study, maybe watch some series and Ted Talks! Also I need to do laundry:D! Well, it will be fun. Hope everyone has an equally relaxing weekend 😘

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