Chill Studying

Hey guys! I had school at 8 this morning so I woke up around 6:20, had a shower, morning coffee etc. them we found out someone had jumped under a train at Vesterport, which is one of the main train stops in Copenhagen- so the trains were not coming properly and Djanour and I were late for class. I HATE being late, usually it is nice to settle down before the lecture starts so that you can pay attention from the very beginning, but when you are late it means that you pretty much enter during the teachers thought and it is harder to catch on- but I managed. After class I walked my friend Nima to her meeting at a different campus. I started feeling a bit nauseous and sick, so I decided I would go home and chill, but since the weather is so nice and warm I wanted to walk home- thought the fresh air would help. I stopped at Rist, a Vesterbo cafe to have a coffee and read for tomorrow's class. I also got a chocolate croissant- I LOVE THOSE! Soon I will head home and maybe sleep a little bit, but at least I have the reading done now! I really hope I won't become sick because I don't want to miss class tomorrow! Well, wish me luck! Have a lovely Monday!!!