Game night/ B-day party

Hey guys! Here are some pictures from last night. We had a small party with a few friends and tried playing a new game we bought called Code Names. It was so much fun! I think we should make it a regular thing! Tad helped me make some food- since he is a chef at a Danish restaurant he made smørebrød with shrimp, mayo, eggs and with potatoes, mayo and bacon- so good! I made some mini pizzas, chicken Parmesan pops and veggies- very grown up haha. Also the party was kinda a belated celebration of my birthday so I got some gifts- my friends Kat and Xander got me a cactus with a beautiful blue/ grayish ceramic pot and then I got Christmas Royal Copenhagen mugs from Djanour, Walla and Jeppe! I was so surprised. Last night was great- So nice and cozy! I can't wait to do it again!