September days in Vesterbro are awesome! The weather is still good enough so that people are outside and the atmosphere is really chill. Yesterday I met up with @annelinneaholm  at the Matcha bar- she showed me all the cool new features with blog design at Nouw and we also had a chance to catch up after the summer! Both of us got the matcha lemonade- so refreshing! 

In the afternoon Tad and I went to pick up some packages and we checked out some design stores. We are still thinking about what to do in the apartment so it was nice seeing some inspiration. But we still haven't decided on anything. Afterwards we got lunch at Chicks by Chicks and then went home to chill with the cats. As for today I have no idea what the plan is haha. For now I am drinking coffee on the couch and watching How I Met Your Mother for like the millionth time! Will see what to do when Tad wakes up! Have a nice day everyone!:)