Copenhagen chillin'

Finally a fun day! I have been getting a bit tired of life lately- not really doing much, just sitting at home working or watching series- but this morning Bee and her boyfriend Michal took me out for brunch at Fars Dreng. It was so nice being out of the apartment and doing something fun! We went window shopping afterwards. I found a lot of nice clothes I want- and might buy! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I have been searching for a nice white t-shirt with a print and I think I finally found it at Wood Wood. We also went to a camera store to check out some photo gear and then I went to a book store and got two books- the age of innocence and Hemingway's collection of stories. Started reading age of innocence now! I have been meaning to get that book for years! I ended up getting a coffee at Starbucks with a cinnamon roll before heading home and I spent maybe an hour reading in the cafe. In general I love reading in cafes! Especially if they have big comfy chairs haha! I am still not sure what I will do later today- might go out/ might stay in! But it was really nice spending half a day away from the apartment haha!