All in the details

Hey everyone! Here are some pictures of @byrosemaria outfit from yesterday. I met up with Bee and Rose yesterday for coffee and a photo-session. I just realised that I haven't been taking pictures of people in a really long time! I kinda miss it! I actually love taking pictures of outfits! And trying to take pictures of details from different angles to mix it up a bit. Rose got a new Chanel bag, which is stunning! Now that she is super fancy and insanely important working for Elle I can't wait to see here bag collection grow <3. We are all so proud of her for getting the new job!

Today Tad and I have a fun day planned- going to Wood Wood to check out clothes- I might actually buy a colourful sweater- breaking the black habit haha. I also found a really nice t-shirt with "Copenhagen Loves Me", which I need in my life! We also want to go to Bastard café to see what all the buzz is about- it is a board game café, which I have been hearing about a lot lately. Now I just need Tad to wake up haha. Well, have a nice Monday guys!!

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