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I don't go shopping very often. I think a lot of people say this and go shopping a lot, but I actually don't haha. It is really rare that I go into the city with the purpose of buying something that I have previously considered, I mean I sometimes do the spontaneous "I got a new shirt" but not shopping shopping! But yesterday I had a plan of what I wanted to get and I was determined! Tad and I started of at Wood Wood, where I found two sweaters I wanted. I tried both, and decided to go with the orange one- my whole closet is black and I felt like it was about time to put some color in the equation. I am so happy I went for the color because it looks so good!!! 

Next up we went to Envii where I got a dark green knit dress- the color is just omg! Some of my friends were making fun of me, because whenever I go somewhere and I see that color I want to buy everything! I am actually considering painting a part of the wall in that color! I think it would look interesting to have some color in the apartment! 

I also got a new book- Ernest Hemingway- the Collected stories. I used to read a lot when I was in high school, but now I have so much reading for school that I didn't pick up a proper book for years! With that I got the new Rum magazine- it is where I find inspiration for photography! I love looking at pictures and getting inspired by others work! I think that is the best way to learn new things- just seeing what others do and constantly pushing my own boundaries. Sometimes you don't event think that something is possible until you see it somewhere.

My last purchase- Coconut frosting from Philosophy. I love the smell of their products, but I never tried one for myself. I have a bunch of body shop soap at home from my mom, so I never needed to get new soap. But yesterday was a shopping day- so what the hell I had to get one of these! 

I am so happy about all the purchases! It was such a fun day!! Now off to school! Have a nice day guys!:)